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Ambrož pod Krvavcem 5, 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem

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There are plenty activities available. There is plenty of activities available. In winter, you can ski in the best Slovenian ski resort Krvavec during the day and, in the evening, you can have fun at night sledding. In warmer months, you will not run out of numerous hiking trails. If you are not into mountaineering, but you still love sports activities, you can visit the Summer Park in Krvavec, which offers many different activities (descent with tub, climbing walls, adventure park, etc.). You can also ride mountain bikes along the well-kept Bike Park trails. Accommodation at our tourist farm is also an excellent choice for all those who would like to explore the wonderful Slovenia. Central location allows you to easily reach all major sights of Slovenia by car in less than an hour’s drive. If none of this is your cup of tea, you can stay in the house, prepare tea or coffee, and simply enjoy peace and quiet or play social games. After a drink, take a short walk along the beautiful surroundings. We promise you will not be bored.

Winter activities

Skiing at Krvavec

The ski centre with the most beautiful views has excellently arranged ski slopes, stretching at an altitude from 1450 m to 1971 m asl, which provides excellent conditions for skiing on natural and compact snow. It offers 30 km of well-kept ski slopes and guarantees 100 ski days in winter season. The slopes are versatile and varied, suitable for both recreational and professional skiers, as well as for beginners.

Krvavec ski resort is also the closest ski resort to the international airport in Europe (Brnik, 8 km).

We can also arrange ski rental and ski school.

For the whole family


Spend your holidays in the heart of the Slovenian mountains. Take a walk through the vibrant unspoilt landscape with more than 10,000 kilometres of marked and well-kept hiking trails. A rich selection of thematically interesting and diverse routes will impress every hiker. You can explore alpine valleys and the mysterious mountain world. The idyllicness of the Slovenian lowlands and medium mountain region will fascinate you. Undulating Slovenian terrain from mountain peaks to the seashore, from plains to steep slopes, you can experience this along Slovenian remote routes. Some stages of these trails are especially stunning. Discover some interesting trails with great views and experiences that will keep in your heart for a long time.

The tourist farm and nearby Krvavec are excellent starting points for both shorter and longer, more demanding hikes. Get on the road and enjoy wonderful views.

Bike park Krvavec gorsko kolesarjenje domačija Pr' Dovar
Summer activities


Bike Park Krvavec offers its diverse tracks with a varied adrenaline experience for all tastes. The knowledge and experience of mountain biking is not a prerequisite; therefore, the descent is intended for everyone.

The Bike Park boasts 30 km of marked cycling routes and downhill for all tastes and cycling skills.

At the same time, it offers the highest altitude difference in downhill among bike parks in Slovenia.

In addition, from Pr`Dovar farm, you can descend to the valley and explore the municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem with the surrounding villages or Kamnik and its old town.

However, it will take quite a bit of effort and good physical fitness to climb back into the hill to our tourist farm.

Ideal for the youngest

The Krvavec Goblin Adventure

Have you heard that the Goblins are sneaking along Krvavec? A spell was sent over the mountain, and since then everything has gone wrong!

The new fairy-tale adventure trail takes you through the forests and extensive pastures of Krvavec and offers you breath-taking views. And it boosts your imagination! Try to find the pearls of Ajdovska girls, visit the Goblins’ herb garden, experience life in the Shepherd’s cottage and listen to the sounds of the mountain!

Anyone who observes and feels the natural beauty of Krvavec, will easily solve the magic saying that dispels the spell and brings a true shepherd’s reward.

With the help of the Goblin’s notebook and pedagogical didactic boards along the way, children solve their tasks and search for symbols of Goblin language, the ancient writing. Special feelings and experiences along the way additionally stimulate as many as 16 wooden sculptures of animals from Krvavec and Goblins.

The Goblin’s notebook, which is an entrance ticket to the fairy-tale adventure trail, is available for sale in the Sonček cottage at Krvavec.

Hike along the Goblin trail at Krvavec, which presents the secrets of the shepherd’s mountain and offers a real family adventure!

Adrenaline experiences


There are 2 take-offs for paragliders nearby the Pr`Dovar farm. The first one is on the Ambrož pod Krvavcem, with a take-off at 1320 m asl, only a few steps above the farm, with a landing at 420 m asl. After a few minutes’ drive from the farm, you can walk downhill to the woodland, where you will almost certainly meet many other paragliders. This take-off is one of the most visited in Slovenia. You will not be bored. Landing is located in the village of Grad.

The second take-off is at Krvavec, 1680 m asl, with the landing at 420 m asl. You can visit Krvavec with a cable car or a car. Paragliding from one of the most popular ski resorts in Slovenia definitely leaves its mark with a view of the Ljubljana Basin and the highest peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. On a nice day, you can see all the way from Velika planina and Kamnik, Domžale, Ljubljana, to the Julian Alps and Triglav. The mighty Grintovec and Kočna will be observing you during take-off. Landing is located in the village of Grad.
With a prior announcement, we also arrange a tandem jump.

Cultural heritage

Local attractions

The Krvava environment and the wider valley below Krvavec, Kranj, Škofja Loka, and Kamnik offer lots of possibilities of relaxing excursions and educational and fun experiences. In the immediate vicinity, however, is the capital of Ljubljana, a city with a green soul.

It is known as the best municipality to live in Slovenia. The Strmol castle and its estate are a monument of the recent past, which was renovated a while ago and offers visitors a pleasant experience in the castle cafe. Travelers like to visit the church of St. Mary in Adergas, where the oldest statue of Mary in Slovenia is situated. Historical value

of the town increases with a former Dominican monastery, destroyed by the Turks, and

was built in 1238. Adergas is also the starting point of a one-hour hike to Štefanja gora.

Road infrastructure around Cerklje na Gorenjskem is especially popular among cyclists.

Cerklje na Gorenjskem domačija Pr' Dovar

Kamnik is renowned medieval city that, with its cultural and natural features, invites visitors to appreciate the historical tradition, the beauty of nature, and local gastronomy. The city of Kamnik is considered a place with a soul. Cultural events and numerous events enrich the old city centre in all seasons and attract visitors from all over Slovenia and beyond.

Only a few steps from the old city centre, a popular recreational footpath to the Old Castle starts, where the ruins of the former castle fort are still visible. Not far from Kamnik, there is the famous Velika planina, with an idyllic pastoral settlement. The Arboretum Volčji potok, a botanical park, where more than 3500 different plant species are located, is also worth a visit.

Kamnik domačija Pr' Dovar

Kranj with its old city centre, museums, Layer’s house, the Khiselstein castle and its annual theater performances, breathtaking views from Pungert, the famous Kranj tunnels, the canyon of the Kokra River, is an instructive and respectful historical story.

Uniqueness is added by the legacy, which was left by the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren.

Kranj is also a sports centre of Gorenjska with a skating rink, an Olympic swimming pool, a climbing wall, and a series of other possibilities for active leisure time.

Kranj domačija Pr' Dovar

Škofja Loka is an ancient city that boasts at the confluence of Poljanska and Selška Sora. It is the best-preserved medieval town in Slovenia. Archaeological finds confirm that this territory was inhabited since the Copper Age, from the 4th and 3rd millennia BC onwards. The old town centre is formed by the Upper Town Square or Plac and the Lower Market or Lontrg, which is dominated by the mighty Škofja Loka Castle. The city is a cultural treasury, and the surrounding Škofjeloško hribovje offers a variety of options for easier and not so easy hiking adventures.

Škofja Loka domačija Pr' Dovar

Ljubljana is a picturesque city, whose image has been marked by different historical periods. Ljubljana Castle, standing on the hill above the city for about 900 years, is the central attraction of Ljubljana. From the castle Lookout Tower and the castle walls, you can admire some of the most beautiful views of the city, which was mostly marked by the world-famous

Ljubljana domačija Pr' Dovar

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