Guest House

Guest house Pr'Dovar

For the inquisitive
nature lovers

Uphill, along the winding road, towards Ambrož pod Krvavcem. Soon a spectacular view opens and the entire central Slovenia lays before you while you are surrounded by alpine peaks rising mightily towards the sky.  

Are you up for a visit?

Welcome to our mountain eco-farm.
Upon entering, you can smell the familiarity and the herbs while the dog wags his tail hello. Across the courtyard runs a hen, from behind the paddock, an inquisitive pig observes you and the cat purrs at your feet. Where do you want to go first? To the kitchen, to see the animals or on the mountain where you can meet the sheep and the cows? 

WHERE WILL YOU SLEEP?“OH, it feels so good to take off the tracking boots and lay down on a soft bed.” 

Quadruple Room

Free Wifi


Private bathroom


4x beds

Triple Room

Free Wifi


Private bathroom

Double bed

Single bed

Triple room +

Free Wifi


Double bed

Single bed

Single bed

Single beds

Free WiFi


Private bathroom

2 separate beds

2 separate beds

Double Rooms

Free Wifi


Private bathroom

Private bathroom

2 shared beds

A Good Morning

will make a good day!

Each morning, the landowner wakes up before sunset and heads towards the mountain to get some fresh milk for your morning coffee. Meanwhile, you can already smell the aromas coming from the kitchen, the fresh sourdough bread, the homemade beef sausage, and the brisket. There’s also the cream cheese with herbs, fresh eggs from the farm, and fresh veggies from the garden and your tummies will be all set for a wonderful day in nature. What are we talking about anyway? Well, the best breakfast in the Gorenjska region, or so they say. 

What will you learn about?

1  Beekeping

Bees have been our tradition for four generations. Our village, Ambrož pod Krvavcem got its name from the bee patron, St. Ambrose. It is therefore clear why we have no less than 16 bee families on the farm. We nurture them with love, they award us with some delicious multi-flower and forest honey from the nearby meadows and forests. The bees are excellent pollinators. We also offer apitherapy during which the bees improve your well-being through sound and smell

2  Sheep farming

Even during summer, our pastures look completely white. No, it’s not snow. It’s our indigenous Jezersko-Solčava sheep that graze on the mountain pastures from Dolge njive to Kalški greben during summer. There are forty of them with two splendid rams making sure the sheep always feel safe on the pasture. We shear them once a year and use their wool as mulch to keep the moisture in the garden soil.

3 Livestock farming

Back to the cows. Where the loudest bell chimes, there grazes our herd of cows. During summer we chase them all the way to Krvavec where they bask their mighty bodies in the nice mountain sun. Their hair is shiny, and their milk is irresistible.

4 Herbalism

Common kidney-vetch, Lady's mantle, thyme, pine shoots, and much more … Many herbs are picked on the mountain, just like the Slovenian children’s story heroine Mojca used to do, and some are grown in our garden. Old folks used to say that every flower has its use, and we like to mix them in our mountain tea, pine syrup or Echinacea tincture.

Our sorroundings are like your promised land

Wonderful forest paths or steep alpine slopes. Adventurous cycling trails or the pleasant sound of the wind resisting against the paraglider wing. Boots and poles. A bicycle and a helmet. Skis or sleighs. But you can always put on the “good” hat and take a stroll along the way of cultural heritage. The adventure is yours.
Cultural Landmarks
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Old Dovar had a Farm
E-I-E-I-O ...

Children will burst with curiosity and excitement.
Lovebirds will never tire of the magical sunsets and the romantic smell of herbs.
Senior citizens
Breathing in the fresh mountain air and tasting the pristine homemade food. You will come back, we promise.
A birthday celebration or a corporate outing. Maybe just a group of friends who love nature, homemade food, and fresh mountain air.



”Great location (near the Krvavec ski resort). Very kind personnel, delicious breakfast and something new every day.”


“Yes, breakfast exceeds all expectations. Both the food and the staff are remarkable.”


Great Britain
“Lovely little hotel with a great location and ambience. Very nice owners and very clean.”


“Kindness, familiarity, tasty breakfast. Homemade delicacies. Peace and quiet. Highly recommended to couples of all ages.”
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Ambrož pod Krvavcem 5
4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem

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